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How can we help you?

How long do I have to prepay for fall/spring pictures online?

You may pay for your child’s photos up until the shoot date at your child’s school.  Click Here to prepay for fall or class group pictures.   After that date a shoot key will be required for individual online ordering. 

Please allow 2 weeks after picture day for shoot keys to be activated.

What if my package is incorrect or I did not receive my package I purchased?

You may click on the yellow package correction form button above or click on the “customer care/find us” tab at the top.  At the drop-down menu click on “package corrections”. Complete the form and submit it. You will receive an email with a copy of your correction request and a representative from Carolina Photography, Inc. will contact you if any further information is needed.


What is a shoot key?

A unique identifier code created for your child’s images.  Carolina Photography creates a shoot key for all Senior and Fall underclass portraits.  Click here to request your students unique shoot key so you may view/order pictures online.

Please allow 2 weeks after picture day for shoot keys to be activated.

Do I need a shoot key to order?

You will need a shoot key for senior portraits, cap & gown, & fall/spring underclass photos after picture day.

Shoot keys are not required for any sports pictures. To place a late order or reorder sports photos, please request a shoot key for your athlete. 

Please allow 2 weeks after picture day for shoot keys to be activated.


How do I get a SHOOT KEY to view/order my pictures online?

Click here to request an individual "shoot key"

Please allow 2 weeks after picture day for shoot keys to be activated.

How long will my Senior Portraits be available to order?

Online ordering - Senior portraits will be available for ordering online, up to your students graduation date.


Can I still order Senior Portraits from a previous year?

Previous years graduates - These orders require: The set of proofs, that had purchased at time of your child’s senior year, to be mailed to our office along with completed order form (if your order form is older than 2 years old, contact Carolina Photography to obtain an updated order form. (If you no longer have your proofs, a $20 reprint fee is required.)


How long will my pictures take to arrive?

Senior orders placed online – 1 to 3 weeks


Senior orders mailed in – 2 to 4 weeks


Underclass portraits ordered online : last chance orders, proof orders or sports photos - 

1 to 2 weeks: if ordered online


Underclass portraits: orders mailed in – 2 to 4 weeks


I have not received my proofs from my student’s Senior Shoot date, when will I receive those?

Senior Tux and Drape & Casual Photographs - The senior sitting fee must be paid before any proofs will be produced. (See Senior Sitting fee) If you have paid your sitting fee and still have not received your proofs.

Please contact Carolina Photography at 704-483-5862.


Cap and Gown Proofs will be mailed out the middle of February.


How do I pay my Senior Sitting Fee if I didn’t pay the day the photographs were taken?

Click on Senior Sitting Fee.

Fill out the information requested and you may pay your fee here.


How long will images be available to order? 

Images are available online for the following Portraits:

Seniors:  Images are available for 2 years. Only the current school year will be available for online ordering.  Please contact Customer service for seniors from previous school years at at 704-483-5862 . 


Underclass Fall:  Shoot keys for online ordering will be available until the end of the school year.   Carolina Photography will retain these images for 2 school years offline.  These will require you to contact Carolina Photography, Inc. at 704-483-5862.

Spring:  Online orders are available until July.  


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Checks, and Money Orders & Cash.


Can I place my order over the phone?

You may order your portraits online at or you may mail in your completed order form with payment and we will be glad to process your request in office at Carolina Photography P.O. Box 187, Denver, NC 28037.  You may contact Customer Service at 704-483-5862 to assist you with any orders.

What if I am not happy with my portraits?

If you are not satisfied with your portraits, and a retake date is available at your school, Carolina Photography will retake your photo (Fall or Senior Portraits Only). Simply bring the Proofs/entire package with you on retake day and return it to the photographer. If a retake day is not available you may request a refund for packages. (see below)


What if I would like a refund?

We are sorry you are not happy with your portraits. To receive a refund, return the entire package within 15 days to Carolina Photography,  P.O. Box 187, Denver, NC 28037, Attention: Customer Refunds.  Please include your child’s name and school attending, Along with your contact information.

If a CD was ordered no refund will be given if the seal is broken on the CD packaging.

What else can we help you with?

Click customer care/find us or call us at 704-483-5862 for any additional services.

Carolina Photography  Monday - Friday 8am-4:30pm  704-483-5862

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