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Shoot Keys are normally assigned to your portrait 2-3 weeks after photography date.

Elementary and Middle School Shoot Key Requests


You have up until the day after picture day to Pre-Order your school pictures.  You may click here to go to the preorder page.  

If your school is no longer listed on the Pre-order site, then you must wait for a shoot key to be generated and assigned to your portrait so you can order pictures.  

A 2nd Chance order form will be sent home through the school approximately 2-3 weeks after picture day that will have your SHOOT KEY assigned (see sample).  At that time, your child's shoot key will be active and you may view and order pictures at anytime through our website.  

If you never received a 2nd chance order form or you have lost it, please click here to request a shoot key online.  

Thank you,

Carolina Photography

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